Our History

Founded in 2009, StoneWater began as a boutique consulting company servicing provincial government, law enforcement, and banking clients.

Over the years, the management team oversaw many costly implementations often requiring dozens of staff, expensive software/infrastructure, and prolonged vendor integration services. These projects ranged from $1M to $50M and often resulted in implementing technology that was outdated at the time of go-live or overly complex for users.

Sounds familiar? There had to be a better way. Over the course of nearly two years, StoneWater was developed. Our goal was to build a product that required no software installations, no IT infrastructure purchases, and implementation efforts that focused on training and organizational readiness.

Our goal is to change the implementation experience by focusing as close to 100% of our collective effort on organizational change management and your success.

Have we hit our goal? We hope our products speak for themselves.