Intake & Demand Management

Track, manage, and collaborate with your most important information about requests for work from specifications, requirements, and quotes through to production

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Delivery teams are criticized for not doing enough, being too expensive, or being too closed...
We enable a collaborative process that is inclusive of both customers and stakeholders, combining with metrics reporting to effectively showcases work, demonstrates your team's value, and give all stakeholders visibility into an otherwise closed process

  • Collaborate between business groups, delivery teams, and external suppliers
  • Collaborate online through StoneWater itself or interact with StoneWater through email
  • See intake statuses as they travel through your workflow
  • See metrics when processing requests from start to finish


We understand and live the lifestyle of intake management. Being a closed process incurs a tremendous amount of difficulty to provide evidence and value of your teams performance. We set out to build a collaborative platform, that improves not only your workflow efficiency, but the ability of all stakeholders to view progress without incurring any additional work on your teams behalf, building tremendous value. With this in mind, we developed a robust set of features, from intake requests, workflow management, reporting, and stakeholder communications in an all-in-one platform. We enable full control of your business in one convenient dashboard

StoneWater in Numbers

> 8,000
avg intakes managed per month
> 99.5%
System Uptime Per Year
> 20,000
avg workflows exercised per month
> 10,000
avg collaberation emails per month

An Intro to Intake & Demand Management


Through a proven track record of reducing overhead related to intake management by > 50%, we help you put people back to work on what matters.

  • Efficiency: We collapse spreadsheets, manual processes, and unify information. On average, we put one person per department back to meaningful work and away from administrative overhead
  • Transparency: We make your business accessible where the action is. Either on premise, with vendors at different locations, or from home. Your intake process is always there when you need it
  • Collaboration: Work in a unified way by having all team members collaborate on a single work product
  • Standardization: Develop standard processes across all stakeholder groups
  • Accessibility: Stop saving requirements and design work in your inbox, network drives, or multiple SharePoint sites by collaborating online

Case Study: Intake & Demand Management

  • THE SITUATION: An overloaded IT department

    Our bank customer followed a predictable pattern. A department with limited staff tackling legislative, regulatory, and business-as-usual enhancements on behalf of their Wealth Management business partners. The workforce was spread out over multiple offices and vendor locations. Added to that, the intake management process used a combination of Excel sheets that weren't maintained along with using email as the primary 'workflow' tool to track status. This led to a host of planning inconsistencies and an unacceptable amount of time managing the intake process and diminished work output through disorganization


    Planners were keeping track for 300+ intake requests / year across multiple platforms which in turn were managed through 7 external vendors and 20 internal technology staff. Excel was the primary tool to track statuses and costs while email and local drives were used to store control documents. In the event of an audit, there was no repository for approval emails, control documents, or appearance of control. The result was that analysts and managers, who also acted as work planners, were tied up daily in a never-ending cycle of status emails. Business stakeholders had low visibility into work priorities and change management against their production systems. As with any manual process, there was a large margin of error leaving lost opportunities to demonstrate the value of the IT department


    StoneWater helped consolidate the intake process leading to a reduction of > 50% of the effort previously required to administrate the intake process. For audit, the department effectively created a single repository of all requirements, design, production release, and approval documents. With the implementation of a single reporting dashboard, the business had immediate visibility into the status across 100's of intakes and are now better positioned to support IT and the change management process


    Without an immediate change to the way the bank was handling their workflow and intake management, there was an increased risk of reduced employee morale and missed deliverables around regulatory/mandatory changes. The department risked reputational damage as well as compliance issues. With StoneWater’s powerful workflow and dashboard tools, our bank customer was able to more effectively plan intakes by priority and release through the year. Co-ordination between vendor and internal staff improved significantly. Accurate and comprehensive operational dashboards led to improved visibility into the end-to-end delivery process. Using StoneWater's email and on-line capabilities, work planners now have a highly available & real-time repository of all planning material. What IT planners see, stakeholders see - instantly. Intakes are now always available for historical reference and audit purposes

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